Things you must not know about WiFi

The editor is very long-winded, let's take you through more than 100 years ago, starting from the touching love story of Jack and Rose.

Weishu Sleepwalking 2020-Overview of the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication System

ds to be interconnected. You should walk through your Yangguan Road, and I will walk on my single-plank bridge. However, with the expansion of their respective spheres of influence, the two forces gradually penetrated and merged with each other in a new field. It is this integration that promotes the rapid development of the so-called mobile Internet. The development of the mobile terminal is a good proof of the integration of these two networks.

Comprehensive analysis of the next-generation WiFi standard IEEE 802.11ax | 10GB in 8 seconds!

In the semiconductor industry driven by Moore's Law, it is quite rare that a technical standard can last for several years without updating. The IEEE 802.11 protocol that dominates the wireless networks around us is such a strange standard: from the first wireless router supporting 802

Overview of IEEE 802.11ah low-frequency WiFi standards

How to improve the diffraction (ie diffraction) capability of WiFi signals? Conventional WiFi devices work in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. The electromagnetic wave wavelengths corresponding to these two frequency bands are usually smaller than the size of the obstacle. No matter how advanced algorithms or circuit design can change the characteristics of the electromagnetic waves themselves, the WiFi signal Diffraction becomes impossible.

Bluetooth baseband structure

The Bluetooth® baseband is a part of the Bluetooth system that describes or implements media access and physical layer procedures between Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Smart Technology

When Bluetooth SIG announced the official adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0, it included the iconic Bluetooth® Smart (low energy) function. The completion of the adoption process opened the door for all Bluetooth product types to undergo version 4.0 qualification certification.

WIFI basic knowledge finishing

At present, the most famous wired network is Ethernet (Ethenet), but wireless network WLAN is a promising development field. Although it may not completely replace Ethernet, it is having more and more users. The most promising is Wifi. This article introduces wireless network related content.

Bluetooth data transmission structure

The Bluetooth® data transmission system implements a layered structure. The description of the Bluetooth system explains the Bluetooth core transmission level (including the L2CAP channel). All Bluetooth operating modes follow the same general transmission structure.

Bluetooth logical link control and adaptation (L2CAP) structure

ission for each channel through flow control and retransmission mode.

Bluetooth Link Manager Protocol (LMP) structure

The Link Manager Protocol (LMP) controls and coordinates all aspects of the operation of the Bluetooth® connection between two devices. This includes setting up and controlling logical transmission and logical link and physical link control. The link manager protocol carry protocol is used for communication between the link manager (LM) of two devices connected through ACL logical transmission.

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