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■Measurement frequency range: 100kHz~8.5GHz

■Excellent dynamic range: 135dB (typ.)

■Ultra low trace noise:<0.005dB RMS (IFBW=70kHz)

■Ultra high temperature stability:<0.01 dB/℃

■Outstanding measurement speed

■10.4-inch touch screen

■The remote control interface supports VISA and SCPI protocols, and is compatible with customers' testing software


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  • Introduction:

    VNA485P is a high-performance 8.5GHz vector network analyzer with 2 or 4 ports. It can be widely used in R&D and production testing in various industries, such as mobile communication,satellite communications, etc, it can provide customers with accurate measurements in the research and production of RF components such as filters, antennas, circulators, isolators, amplifiers, switches, etc.
          VNA485P provides excellent performance in terms of Dynamic range, trace noise, accuracy, and stability. Its high temperature stability, accuracy consistency, and reliability ensure accurate measurement results during long-term operation.

    Key features:

    【Performance】 【Function】
    Measurement frequency range: 100kHz~8.5GHz Full calibration algorithms (including SOLT, SOLR,TRL, response calibration, etc.)
    Excellent dynamic range: 135dB (typ.) Compatible with main-stream mechanical and electronic calibration kits
    Ultra low trace noise:<0.005dB RMS (IFBW=70kHz) Support TDR time-domain impedance testing
    Ultra high temperature stability:<0.01 dB/℃ Automatic port extension
    Outstanding measurement speed Support fixture simulation (de embedding, port matching,impedance conversion, balun, etc.)
    10.4-inch touch screen Support amplitude phase consistency calibration and measurement
    The remote control interface supports VISA and SCPI
    protocols, and is compatible with customers' testing software 
    Two independent excitation sources

    Technical Specifications:

    VNA485P dynamic range Ultra low trace noise:<0.005dB RMS (IFBW=70kHz)
    TDR time-domain impedance testing Virtual impedance matching function helps customers complete impedance testing and impedance matching simulation
    VNA485P amplitude phase consistency test


  • Measurement frequency range: 100kHz~8.5GHz